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Damson Idris Movies And Tv Shows

damson idris movies and tv shows
damson idris movies and tv shows

Damson Idris is quickly becoming one of the coolest actors around, impressing people with his acting skills in both movies and TV shows. He was born in Peckham, London, to Nigerian parents, and his journey to becoming famous shows how talented and hardworking he is. Let’s talk about some of the most important roles he’s played and how he’s making a big impact in the movie and TV world.

“Snowfall” – The Big Break

Idris became well-known for his role in the FX series “Snowfall,” where he plays Franklin Saint, a young guy trying to make it big during the crack cocaine boom in 1980s Los Angeles. His acting as Saint is really good because he shows all the different sides of his character, like his ambition, his soft spots, and how tough he can be. “Snowfall” made Idris famous and showed everyone how great he is at leading a show.

Movies Show His Range

Idris hasn’t just stuck to TV; he’s also been in movies. In “Outside the Wire” (2021), a Netflix sci-fi action movie, he stars with Anthony Mackie. He plays a drone pilot sent to a dangerous area where he teams up with an android officer. This movie lets Idris show off his skills in action and sci-fi, proving he can handle a variety of roles.

Another important movie is “Farming” (2018), where Idris plays Enitan, a young Nigerian boy sent to live with a white British family, hoping for a better future. The movie deals with serious topics like identity, racism, and fitting in, and Idris’s performance as Enitan got him a lot of praise for how deeply he could show his feelings.

What’s Next?

Idris’s career is only going up as he takes on more and different kinds of roles in TV and movies. He’s going to be in some exciting new projects that will show off his talent even more. Everyone’s looking forward to seeing what he does next and how he’ll continue to make his mark as an actor.


Damson Idris is a super talented actor whose work in movies and TV has earned him awards and a bunch of fans. He can really get into his characters’ minds and has a way of keeping everyone glued to the screen. From playing a young entrepreneur in “Snowfall” to tackling a futuristic war in “Outside the Wire,” Idris shows he can do it all. As he takes on new roles, it’s clear Damson Idris is a name we’re going to keep hearing about.

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